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Tucked away in South Fremantle, Saroor dishes out mouth-watering Indian food which has flavours bursting out of every bite, and vibrant colours that bring India alive on a plate.

While pretty much everything on the menu is absolutely drool-worthy, their wicked medley of honey and chilli cauliflower deserves a special mention—think tender cauliflower covered in a crunchy spice mix that’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and lot delicious.

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Unless you’ve had the privilege of living in or visiting India, when most think of Indian food, curries are probably the first thing that come to mind. But in actuality, authentic Indian cuisine is so much more than that.

Saroor in South Fremantle serves fresh Indian street food that will have you breaking up with your local curry joint after just one bite.

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Jenny D’Anger’s guests were more than happy with Saroor. Photo by Matthew Eeles

MY friends from the hills – not in-bred Hollywood mutants I might add — were disappointed that I’d booked dinner at Saroor, as they wanted to revisit their favourite curry house in South Fremantle.

I’m pleased to report they were well and truly proselytised by Saroor, which took out a gold plate award this year.

The menu is a fusion of traditional and modern Indian, and we kicked off with an updated version of the street-food golappe.

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Saroor Indian restaurant in South Fremantle gets its name from the ancient Urdu word for happiness and pleasure.

And the customer’s happiness and pleasure is at the heart of this stunning new traditional dining experience on South Terrace.

Saroor takes the best of Indian street food and gives it a modern, refreshing and healthy twist you won’t find anywhere else in Perth.


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Saroor for happiness